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Friday, February 20th 2004, 7:32pm

no dialtone on kppp

To All:

I having trouble connecting to the internet via modem.
kppp keeps getting "NO DIALTONE" even though
the phone is working. I running as root to make
sure there is no permission problem(s) (after it
works, I'll try an user account).

Fyi, I'm running Lycoris Desktop/LX Amethst (sp?)
Update 3 pre-installed on a brand new Mercury 700m
laptop from Element Computer.

Several questions...

How can I tell whether I have a modem or WinModem?
My kppp does not tell. Is there a way to tell what I am
using via console?

I do resolve the "NO DIALTONE" problem?

Is there's any documentation on kppp which includes
the "NO DIALTONE" problem? I can easily get the
kppp section from the KDE handbook, but that doesn't
seem to help.

Thanks in advanced for your help.



Saturday, February 21st 2004, 1:49am

Someone in the Lycoris tipped me.
It was plugged in the wrong place.
Apparently there were two plugs that
could hold my telephone wire.
wonder what the other one is.