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Wednesday, September 10th 2003, 11:49am

How to modify the .mo files in the LC_MESSAGES directory


I still not found the tool to modify the .mo files localized in the :

/opt/kde3/share/locale/fr/LC_MESSAGES directory.

I need to modify some text in the french kinternet icon because it is not very precis.

And in the same time, what is the meening of :

kinternet -caption "%c"

Thank you for any response.

NICOLAS Gabriel.


Saturday, September 13th 2003, 10:13am

Look up the sources of the application you want to modify, and check for the po-file corresponding with the mo-file.
For example, if you want to modify, you can find the corresponding file konqueror.po in the source package kde-i18n-language
Open konqueror.po in kbabel, (or an UTF-8 compliant editor) and change the strings in question.
Save the file and use the following command to compile:
msgfmt -o konqueror.po
And then replace the old mo-file with the new one.
(you need gettext installed to compile the po-file)
For more information about this, please check out

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