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Saturday, March 20th 2004, 11:48pm

Kde 3.1.4 of solaris 9

I just recently did a clean install of solaris 9 on a Sun Ultra 60 with the standard audio. I have so far come across a couple of issues regarding cd and audio playback.

1. The cd plays but no sound comes out of the speaker. When looking at kmix, the cd muting button is ON but when I try to unmute it, it simply goes back to mute mode.

2. When I tried to play mp3 files using either Noatun or kaboodle, the playback sounds like "interference". Wave files play correctly.

3. Sometimes when I boot up or just try to make changes to the sound system, I get this error message...

Sound server fatal error:
file line 185: assertion failed:

(md.moduleName == name)

When this happens, the artsd daemon does not start. The thing about this error is that it does not come up everytime.

4. Kfind hangs after a while and thus the only way to recover is to kill the daemon.

As far as configuration, I have done everything stated in the KDE_inst file as far as setting up the sound (step 1). I did find that when I configured the Arts subsystem with the Arts Control
Tool., those values dissapear if I shut down the system. Are those settings for the current session only?

In contrast, I'm also running Gnome 2.0 and playback with the native applications work fine for both cd and mp3.

Any info on what I can try would be helpful. I got all kde packages from
and everything installed without a hitch and there's was no compiling done.


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Sunday, March 21st 2004, 9:25am

I am not sure if anyone else on this forum has experience with KDE on Solaris, so if you don't get any anwers here you coudl try the kde-solaris mailinglist.

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