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Tuesday, February 9th 2010, 6:25pm

no opengl effects when dual-head with xrandr (ATI rv350 - radeon driver)


I'm trying kde4 on a debian squeeze.

Everything works fine (desktop effects with opengl compositing) except : When I set up two screen with xrandr, one left-of the other, the desktop effects are disabled. I can still use them in Xrender mode but it is awfully slow (Xrender is very slow with only one screen too). I have an ati radeon 9600 graphic cards and I'm running the radeon open source driver.

Do you have an idea of what the problem is ?

I can post my xorg.conf if necessary but i'm not sure it's relevant (problem is the same with no xorg.conf).



Wednesday, February 10th 2010, 6:26pm

Ok so i figured it out, as usual, after a lot of looking around and being pissed...

So the problem is that there is some kind of limitation for the size of opengl my graphic card can render (something like 2500x2500) i was trying to put my crt (1600x1200) at the left of my laptop screen (1400x1050), 1400+1600=3000>2500, here was the problem... Once i understood this it was easy to find a workaround: just put the crt above the laptop's screen.

(just posting this in case someone has the same issue...)

Happy penguins


Wednesday, February 20th 2013, 9:42am

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