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Wednesday, August 29th 2007, 5:49am

Author: TravisB

RE: [KOPETE] AIM access dead

Quoted Originally posted by ben::zen I have my system set up to access Gtalk and AIM, but recently, Kopete has been churning and churning and then finally giving up. Any ideas why? The same thing is happening to Pidgin when I try it. If it's happening in two programs, that means there's a problem with your connection! Check your router/firewall to make sure they're not.... errmm, esploding?

Tuesday, August 28th 2007, 9:48pm

Author: TravisB

RE: Missing Control Center

Quoted Originally posted by Richard210363 Sorry if this is a daft question but I've looked at the forums and I can't find an answer. I've just installed Ubuntu and then installed KDE. All the documentation tells me that the Control Center should be on the K menu. But it isn't. Can I add it? And why is it not there? I know I can run it from a command prompt but I'd like to know why it is not where it is supposed to be. Thanks for any help offered Richard I wouldn't be able to tell you how to add...

Tuesday, August 28th 2007, 6:25am

Author: TravisB

Can KDE be made to look like GNOME?

I'm sorry, but I'm not exactly understanding what you're asking. What do you want to be similar between them?

Tuesday, August 28th 2007, 4:37am

Author: TravisB

RE: PDF Editor for Linux?

Quoted Originally posted by user1001 Is there an opensource project like the PDF Editor by on Linux? Where one can actually edit text in existing PDF files. Please let me know - I'd like to support such project financially. You could use pdftohtml, and then use bluefish to edit the HTML code without actually needing to know HTML. *buntu users: sudo apt-get install pdftohtmlAnything besides *Buntu based off of Debian: su <password> apt-get install pdftohtmlMandriva: su <password> urpmi...

Tuesday, August 28th 2007, 4:29am

Author: TravisB

[Kopete]Downloading AIM contacts

I've had problems with this with countless versions of Kopete. I love Kopete, it's great when it downloads my contacts. I love it above all. But most of the time, it refuses to download my contacts. I can not tell you how many different versions I've used of Kopete with this bug, but the ones I've tried tonight are: 0.12.2-ubuntu~dapper0.12.2 (from source)latest SVN Each time I've deleted the ~/.kde/share/apps/kopete folder, and also ~/.kde/share/config/kopeterc file, and to no avail. I use Simp...