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Saturday, April 3rd 2004, 7:11pm

Author: Suselinux

No sound at some softwares

Yeah I was gonna say that, it could be your driver may not be configure, O welll all it matter is you got it fixed.

Saturday, April 3rd 2004, 7:09pm

Author: Suselinux

What is your favourite Linux game?

I like kpackman & Medal Of Honor are pretty good.

Saturday, April 3rd 2004, 7:03pm

Author: Suselinux

No KDE Startmenu after compilation

I dont know about redhat & but with suse I have no prob everything worked great.

Saturday, April 3rd 2004, 7:01pm

Author: Suselinux

[Konstruct] Read-me first

very usefull ......thx

Saturday, April 3rd 2004, 7:00pm

Author: Suselinux

Slow start in KDE apps

putting it pre load is works for me. etc/ file

Saturday, April 3rd 2004, 6:56pm

Author: Suselinux

Re: Suse does it for me

Quoted Original von (I am a Web-Designer) I'm a developer myself & I hardly ever use windows cuz all my work is done on the linux box rather than windows, dont have much time to play game, only do when I'm bored.

Tuesday, March 23rd 2004, 8:37pm

Author: Suselinux

Is any KOPETE DEVELOPER posting here???

I dont think we have any developer hear, most of the members are rookie, except for few.

Tuesday, March 23rd 2004, 8:29pm

Author: Suselinux

No MP3 plug in with K3B

at the moment suse is been one of best distro on the market, yeah they do support the mp3 format...just check, see if any update is pending.

Saturday, March 13th 2004, 9:46pm

Author: Suselinux

rpm & tar gz installation

rpms are pretty easy to install...tar.gz install thru konsole

Saturday, March 13th 2004, 9:35pm

Author: Suselinux

Yahoo Not Working

same prob hear looks like bug issue

Saturday, February 28th 2004, 4:46am

Author: Suselinux

CannonSmash and Tuxracer won't run!

I would like to try that game cannonsmash, where can I find it.

Saturday, February 28th 2004, 4:22am

Author: Suselinux

Help! K-menu disappeared !

try right click on the taskbar & configure panel

Saturday, February 28th 2004, 4:16am

Author: Suselinux

KDE Menu cleanup!

cool that works for me.

Saturday, February 28th 2004, 4:09am

Author: Suselinux

Fonts In Non-KDE Apps Ridiculously Small

what distro are you using kiteless cuz diff distro does diff thing diff way.

Thursday, February 26th 2004, 5:28pm

Author: Suselinux

How do I initiate an MSN file transfer?

the new version of kopete 0.8 you will be able to send but receive seem to have a little bit trouble.

Thursday, February 26th 2004, 5:23pm

Author: Suselinux

setting up and internet connection

hear is great site, which tell you how compatible linux with your system.

Thursday, February 26th 2004, 5:19pm

Author: Suselinux

Using Multimedia-keyboard to control volume

kde3.2 seem to lack a lot. kde3.2 has many problems browser crashing, freezing, multimedia & more, so I got ride of it & went back to 3.1, If I where I would do the same.

Thursday, February 26th 2004, 3:56am

Author: Suselinux

DVD question

I can believe no 1 has any clue about this problem

Thursday, February 26th 2004, 3:55am

Author: Suselinux

Where to buy Linux Games?

I might need a little help hear, kind of lost, can I get few setp by step instructions on how to install windows appz on a linux box, I'm trying to install NERO 6 straigh from the CD how do I do that...any help will be greatly appreciated. Thx in advance for the help.

Thursday, February 26th 2004, 3:47am

Author: Suselinux


Yup agreed 3.2 crashes a lot, which never happend to me in 3.1