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Friday, November 7th 2003, 6:03pm

Author: paxcal

KDE won't load on Gentoo 1.4

the goog old fam problem have you searched the gentoo-forums?…ighlight=libfam fam is the file alternation monitor normally kde depends on it, better kdelibs but i can remember that there have been some issues with installing fam and or apps depending on it check the gentoo forums pascal

Monday, August 18th 2003, 2:03am

Author: paxcal

3 items log-out

First you have to change the kdm settings for "Sessions -> Allow Shutdown -> Console" to Everybody. For quick acces type in a Konsole: [code:1] # kdesu kcmshell kdm [/code:1] Then you need to turn on "Confirm logout" in the Session Manager Control Modul. [code:1] # kcmshell kcmsmserver [/code:1] Pascal

Saturday, August 16th 2003, 1:37pm

Author: paxcal

What controls root vs general user KDE look and feel

For a detailed overview how KDEs configs work and where they are located check: Pascal

Sunday, August 10th 2003, 3:03am

Author: paxcal

Usefull Tips for KDE

So let it begin Shortcuts for new Sessions in Konsole: After reading this nice article i started to configuring new profiles for my Konsole. For quick access without movin my hand *this long way* to the mouse i added some new items in kmenu with something like [code:1] Name&#58; <NiceKonsoleProfile> Command&#58; dcop `dcop|grep konsole|head -1` konsole newSession <NiceKonsoleProfileName> Shortcut&#58; Ctrl+F9 [/code:1] Note that the command greps the first konsole found by the dcop call and i ha...

Sunday, August 10th 2003, 1:49am

Author: paxcal

mplayer -vo rootwin

It's because kdesktop owns the rootwindow to give you some nice icons an other stuff. Try # kstart --type Desktop --window MPlayer mplayer <nice_movie_file> check # kstart --help for more info. Maybe you have to start mplayer without kstart first to check the right windowname in the titlebar. Pascal

Saturday, August 2nd 2003, 8:36pm

Author: paxcal

how do i edit the system menu

Here they describe the kiosk functionality of kde. How to create default settings and avoid user s to change these. paxcal

Thursday, July 24th 2003, 10:40pm

Author: paxcal

stop KDE from saving session

try in a konsole: # kcmshell kcmsmserver you can also find this module in kcontrol paxcal

Thursday, July 24th 2003, 10:32pm

Author: paxcal

Can I change Task List Icon

KDE looks for icons in the following directorys: $KDEDIR/share/icons $KDEDIRS/share/icons $KDEHOME/share/icons or if KDEHOME is not set $HOME/.kde/share/icons They "are categorized per theme, dimension and usage category"[1]. Just copy the icon to the right place, and it should have the same name like the app. [1] paxcal