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Sunday, April 4th 2004, 2:16am

Author: stearic

KDE 3.2 and KLaptop

the problem your having is you prolly dont' have acpi built into your kernel. you'll have to do that before you'll be able to get such info such as your battery status and what not. hope this helps you out.

Sunday, April 4th 2004, 2:10am

Author: stearic

slackware poll

Running slackware 9.1 up to current, xfree86 4.4.0, kde 3.2.1 and a 2.4.25 kernel. not willing to upgrade to 2.6 untill it's atleast in it's 2.6.1x release, around 2.6.15 or so i might consider it but untill then i'm just fine with what i got

Sunday, April 4th 2004, 2:03am

Author: stearic

[AUDIO CD] Unable to mount

well technically you can't mount audio cd's. It's just the format the audio is in, there isn't really a filesystem to mount, just like you dont' mount dvd's to play them, you just read them in a raw format.

Thursday, April 1st 2004, 9:23am

Author: stearic

Xmms not run in KDE 3.2

you try updating xmms? i just upgraded from 3.1.4 to 3.2.1 and i'm having troubles myself. hope you can find an answer to your problem.

Wednesday, March 31st 2004, 9:04pm

Author: stearic

No sound from Left speaker after upgrading to kde 3.2.1

well i just decided to upgrade to 3.2.1 today, and when i goto play a video or song, I didn't get sound from my left speaker. Ok, kmixer must have somehow been fubared up so i goto check it out with settings and all, nothing. Everything is setup as it is. So i open up a cmd prompt and do an "alsactl restore" as root as a friend of mine recomended and it worked. Now my question is what is causing my alsa settings to be screwed up? The sound isn't messed up untill i start up KDE so i know it has s...