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Saturday, December 20th 2008, 6:59am

Author: zephyrus17

kde panel quirks

When playing around with the items on the panel, I'm trying to arrange their orders. I added a new panel at the top and added a systray, but the systray takes up the whole panel. I've added kicker, digital clock, etc, but the remainer space has been taken up by the systray. I can't move, for example, the pager right next to my systray icons so there's no space in between. It seems there's this property with digital clock as well. How do I take away that space? When I removed systray and clock, a...

Saturday, December 20th 2008, 6:56am

Author: zephyrus17

Copying to external gives "Could not make folder"

I just bought an external and quick formatted it in XP to NTFS. I'm trying to copy stuff inside, but it just gives "Could not make folder /media/Arda-2/Videos/." I'm using dolphin. I have ntfs-3g and stuff, because I could read/write my other external from gnome/nautilus. I've tried Source code 1 sudo chown gary:gary -R /media/Arda-2 but that just gives me "invalid group: 'gary:gary'. I think it's possible due me using Arch. I've had this problem everytime I use kde/dolphin and an external hard-...