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Saturday, October 31st 2009, 10:48pm

Author: pleriche

Keyboard turned Greek!

Fumbling with clumsy fingers, I hit some unknown keyboard short cut. Now, everything I type (in whatever program) comes out in Greek letters! Reboot didn't help. How do I get back into English? Regards - Philip

Thursday, March 22nd 2007, 5:41pm

Author: pleriche

RE: Open Suse and Kubuntu dual boot?

If you can repartition your disk you certainly can dual boot. Before starting, make sure you have a working grub boot CD or floppy. With luck, installation of SuSe will recognise an existing grub installation and add the new system to the grub menu. Otherwise you may need to configure grub yourself. - Philip

Wednesday, March 21st 2007, 8:33pm

Author: pleriche

XDM logon - splash won't go away

OpenSuse 10.2 with KDE - I enabled remote desktops with XDM. Connecting from Cygwin/X ( under Windoze, it works a treat except that the KDE splash doesn't go away but remains on top of the stacking order, as does the "Setting up interprocess communication" bar, obscuring the taskbar, and stuck at 0%. Ideas?