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Wednesday, October 22nd 2008, 9:27am

Author: harshitgodha

Easy way of creating polls.

Hi all, Is there an easy way of creating polls. There should be an option at the portal page. The only place I see so far where we can create polls is from inside threads.

Tuesday, October 21st 2008, 5:00pm

Author: harshitgodha

RE: howto get rid of config popup next to destop icons kde 4.1

Quoted from "lmcogs" How can I stop the annoying config side bar that pops up when mouse is over the icons on the desktop in kde 4.1. Lock the widgets. This not only removes the sidebar but also stops them from moving.

Tuesday, October 21st 2008, 4:39pm

Author: harshitgodha

NEW THREAD "What is Your Favourite Distro?"

1. Sabayon -Based on Gentoo plus great looks and features. 2. Mandriva - stable, feature rich, but not so open (hides things) 3. Fedora - Bleeding edge, rocking...

Tuesday, October 21st 2008, 3:49pm

Author: harshitgodha

What (desired function) is KDE 4.1 still missing for you?

I need Kuickshow coz it can control movements of pics with scroll button and was very simple I know that it is in KDE extragears but i need it to be with more important packages so that it is available by default. I am using KDE 4.1.2 which works great but needs more. Few other Feature requests: 1. Panel should not have remove or add widgets/panel options, these should be available only on clicking the button (as they are now) at bottom right corner, as it is too easy to mess up with default set...