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Thursday, August 12th 2010, 4:47pm

Author: rm42

Mounting data CD recognized as a Music CD

Yesterday I was copying a set of CD's to the hard drive of my machine. They all contain several MP3 files and nothing else. Most times they mounted correctly as data files and I was able to quickly copy the data off of them. However, on a few occasions, KDE did not recognize the CD as a data CD. Instead, it thought it was a Music CD which means that I couldn't just access the data from Dolphin. I quickly found out that I could get around this by mounting the CD from the command line after creati...

Tuesday, July 6th 2010, 7:37pm

Author: rm42


Found the answer: Configure Your Desktop -> Advanced User Settings -> Session Manager -> Default Leave Option

Wednesday, June 30th 2010, 9:04pm

Author: rm42

Shutdown Button Defaults

On my machine, after I click on the Shutdown Button (widget) it takes a few seconds before the dialog box appears offering me the options to shutdown, logo off, restart, or cancel. Many times I get distracted before it appears and by the time I look back the dialog has come and gone and it has proceeded with the default option, which is to log off. The problem is that at home I rarely want to log off. I normally just want to shut it down. I have looked for an option to make Shutdown the default ...