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Monday, May 17th 2010, 10:29pm

Author: iidbis

phonon complaint/no audio

For some weeks upon login I get the notification from phonon about my audio device is not working,falling back to internal analog blah blah blah which is all BS since the audio is working and all I use is the spdif (digital) output . After this mornings update (4/18/2010) the audio no longer works. Upon removing '.pulse' from my home directory and logging out/in I still get the crap from phonon but the audio is working again . Whats up with all this ? Fedora 12 Platform Version 4.4.2 (KDE 4.4.2)...

Monday, May 17th 2010, 10:23pm

Author: iidbis

gpf in KDM

Upon log in I sometimes get localhost kernel: kdm[1695] general protection ip:3bbbec sp:bf8a9a60 error:0 in[385000+e8000] Fedora 12 Platform Version 4.4.2 (KDE 4.4.2)