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Monday, May 19th 2003, 6:42pm

Author: Linux Dave

KWeather broke KDE PLEASE HELP ME !

I use the weather applet with no problems, though when my net would go down or something I'd get that same issue. This *may* be fixed in 3.1.2 and if not I'm pretty sure it will be in 3.2. Anyway to save your kde, delete the weather applet rc rile in ~/.kde/share/config/weather_panelappletrc and this should restore you to no configuration which will give you back your panel and let you either reconfig your applet, or remove it.

Monday, May 19th 2003, 6:36pm

Author: Linux Dave

Decreasing footprint size on gentoo

Ok I don't know of a better forum for this so I'll put it here. Basically I'm having major memory issues since I only have 128M of ram. Is there anyway I can reduce kde's memory footprint so that my system is more responsive?

Thursday, February 27th 2003, 9:05pm

Author: Linux Dave

Format of Konqueror's History

Not sure if this is the right forum for this or not but does anybody know the format of konqueror's history? I checked ~/.kde/share/apps/konqueror/konq_history but that's a binary file that I don't know the format of.

Monday, February 17th 2003, 4:18pm

Author: Linux Dave

Can't change icons of devices automatically created

Maybe I'm just crazy and you couldn't ever do this, but I could have sworn you used to be able to change the mounted and unmounted icons for devices that kde3.1 automatcially put on the desktop, but I can't seem to now. Am I just crazy or is this an actual issue?