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Saturday, February 7th 2004, 1:34am

Author: Allekto

Konqueror 3.2 missing feature

Hi! I'm running a little internet business, where using linux and konqueror gave us a huge competitive edge, when using the feature to open a link in a new tab without focusing to it. Unfortunatly this function isn't available in konqueror 3.2. Is there any way to re-enable it? Without it, it would slow down our team pretty extreme. Thanks in advance, Gunnar

Thursday, June 5th 2003, 4:54pm

Author: Allekto

Problems compiling Koffice 1.2.90

Hi there, i have a problem compiling Koffice 1.2.90. At sometime the compilations breaks up sying "entering directory /usr/src/koffice-1.2.90/mimetypes/kde31 no rule to make target x-vnd.trolltech.qpicture.desktop" Is there something missing in the makefiles? Or am i missing something from QT? I'm using Debian unstable. Cheers

Thursday, May 22nd 2003, 3:31pm

Author: Allekto

Debian + Koffice 1.2.90

Hi there, does anybody know a place from where i can get .deb files for Koffice 1.2.90 (1.3 Beta1)? I'm receiving strange installation problems, i'm using Debian 3.0 unstable. When i'm compiling the source via make install, i can't start kword or kexi, since they're complaining that they are missing some mime files. Strangly it even doesn't work when i'm installing the mime files in the original Debian folders. Also a debuild doesn't work, it stops somewhere within the compiliation. I would be v...