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Thursday, November 11th 2004, 11:06am

Author: Grischa

[Kopete] Where can I edit the away messages in 0.9.1?

I just forgot in my previous post to mention another annoyance in 0.9.1: Am I blind or isn't there any possibility to edit the away messages anymore? Just wondering..... Grischa

Thursday, November 11th 2004, 10:59am

Author: Grischa

[Kopete] Context menu on meta contacts missing in 0.9.1

I've just changed to KDE 3.3.1 and therefore to Kopete 0.9.1. Apart from many of my contacts appearing with "status unavailable" (which can be overcome by simply readding them to the list) there is just one thing which is bugging me: The context menu (right click menu) of a meta contact is missing. Whereas the usual context menu appears on right clicking a certain protocol icon next to a contacts name absolutely nothing happens on right clicking the name itself. Thus it's impossible for instance...

Saturday, May 1st 2004, 7:30pm

Author: Grischa

[Kopete] Some (actually many) ICQ contacts never show online

Kopete 0.8.2 but I've had this in previous versions before: I have a lot ICQ contacts which are never shown online by Kopete even though they are logged on. Nevertheless I can communicate without any problems with them. A temporary workaround is to delete the contact and add it again to the contact list, then they appear online. But if I switch off-/online then it's the same problem as before, the contacts stay offline until I readd them again. In addition to that I have at least one AIM contact...

Thursday, April 29th 2004, 3:48pm

Author: Grischa

[Kopete] Error with ICQ-Plugin when trying to read user info

Since yesterday I encounter the same problem with Kopete 0.8.2. It starts working fine in the morning, I can fetch user infos from ICQ and then all of a sudden I get the mentioned error for the rest of the day, no matter whether I log out/in again to ICQ or restart kopete. I assume that it's a server thing and not due to kopete but who knows...

Thursday, March 4th 2004, 1:38pm

Author: Grischa

Kopete 0.8 release incomplete?

Quoted Original von djtrippin Did you check that all resolutions of the icons were installed in the $KDEDIR/share/apps/kopete/icons/crystalsvg/ directory? What do you mean by "all resolutions"? I've checked that all the reasonable icons, e.g. for the protocols and their different away-versions and so on are there in different size folders. I have not straced kopete to check for which particular icon files it is looking. Is it possible that this is a problem of my automake/conf version? I had tr...

Wednesday, March 3rd 2004, 6:15pm

Author: Grischa

Kopete 0.8 release incomplete?

I've just downloaded Kopete 0.8.0 and compiled it without any obvious problems with KDE 3.1.3 and QT 3.1.2. It starts up and allmost everything looks OK at first glance except some minor icons missing. But as soon as I try to communicate with somebody Kopete crashes immediately. The same holds for incoming messages upon which of them Kopete crashes also. As far as I've seen it does not depend on the particular plugin. Furthermore, after that I've removed every single component of all Kopete vers...