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Tuesday, April 1st 2003, 10:13am

Author: trinix

dont restart x on logout...?

hello, is it possible to set kdm so, that it don't restart the xserver on a logout ? sascha

Tuesday, April 1st 2003, 7:47am

Author: trinix

font size change itself in kde 3.0.3 on RH 8.0

hello, i'am use ltsp on a redhat 8.0 system with kde 3.0.3 and it works fine, but on the terminals the font size change itself. i can log out and relogon, then the font size ist normal again. i can't find the problem and don't know how to debug this i open 4,5,6,7 windows, close them, open new windows and the next window i open, the font is unreadable small. regards, sascha