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Saturday, April 17th 2004, 5:48am

Author: kilolima

kde application for managing note-taking for research?

Hi, I'm gearing up to write my MA thesis. I need a good linux-based program that will allow me to organize my notes from various sources. Something like the digitial equivalent of the 3x5" note card. It would be cool if it was organizable by category, and could reference sources in BibTeX format... Anybody know of any software like this? What do people use to organize their research? Thanks kl

Friday, January 2nd 2004, 5:23am

Author: kilolima

problems with kmenuedit

Hi, Kmenuedit is funky. It won't save my changes, then suddenly old menu folders are gone or empty... Did they think this one out before releasing it??? Is there somewhere to edit the kmenu config files with a text editor or something? I am in redhat 9, with the kde version distributed on the cds (3.1.1 I think). thanks kilolima