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Tuesday, April 15th 2008, 5:45am

Author: Cathbard

KDE4 - the great disappointment

I have spent a masive amount of time creating themes for KDE and run a debian repo that gets quite a lot of hits so I was keen to try KDE4 and see what was required to port my KDE3 themes across. Much to my surprise practically everything has to be totally rewritten. There seems to be no backwards compatibility for anything; not iconsets, kdm's, ksplashes, nothing. I am not the only person that has dedicated such a large amount of time to providing artwork for the KDE community (just look at how...

Monday, April 14th 2008, 7:24am

Author: Cathbard

New KDE4 iconset not activated correctly

I have created my first iconset for KDE4 and am having some problems with it. I have used oxygen as the framework for it and edited that. I have been careful to use the same names for apps and folder icons so that it should work as a direct drop-in replacement. This includes not only the png's but also the svgz's. It seems to install ok and shows the correct preview images when selecting the set but once activated the icons do not change. If I go to set a custom icon (change a folder icon for ex...