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Saturday, May 10th 2008, 2:03pm

Author: HTML-insane

KDE 4 not as mature

As it is now, I would have to agree with some points: I can't use it as a standalone desktop, sometimes I am depending on KDE 3 applications; The composition effects aren't as, "flash" as compiz fusion or beryl; The panel is a bit less usefull then Kicker. However, I can't wait for it to mature: Kwin's composition effects might erase the need for compiz fusion for a lot of people; The panel is more, "code friendly", so developers will have an easier time developing plasmoids for it, meaning ther...

Friday, April 11th 2008, 9:38am

Author: HTML-insane

Kicker disappeard in KDE 4

Hmm, odd - I've not had any problems like that and this laptop is 5 years old O.o

Friday, April 11th 2008, 9:34am

Author: HTML-insane

KDE4 - the great disappointment

That doesn't make Kopete useless. ¬_¬ For example, I prefer if my conversations aren't littered with emots thank you. I like to be able to read what the person is writing.

Thursday, April 10th 2008, 2:29pm

Author: HTML-insane

Kicker disappeard in KDE 4

Unfortunately, I've also been having problems with Adept's version upgrade. I think it's a problem in adept itself, so from now on I've used: Source code 1 sudo apt-get dist-upgrade Since I've started using that, I've had no problems. Unfortunately, I've not had the same problem as you...

Thursday, April 10th 2008, 1:36pm

Author: HTML-insane


Sorry to double-post, but I just saw the most stupid thing I think I've ever seen - "Kopete still cant use the live messenger (vista) emoticons so is useless" What? So it's useless because, even though you can talk to people from around the world using about 15 different messenger services, it can't display every emoticon known to man? I can only hope to God this isn't the smartest in the forum...

Thursday, April 10th 2008, 1:30pm

Author: HTML-insane

KDE4 - death?

KDE4 isn't all completely terrible - one example being that you've all picked on the new Kmenu. Erm... If you really want (for some unexplicitly given reason), you can even have the two menus side-by-side (again, god knows why you'd want that, but...) And I didn't see much difference between kde 3.5.8 system settings and kde 4... though I expect you're referring to an earlier version of KDE then I have used. Although, that said:- 1. adding widgets is painful [I'm glad they added their own (somew...