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Tuesday, July 5th 2005, 12:11pm

Author: wysota

RE: CUPS configuration

Enter your superuser (root) login and password.

Thursday, May 19th 2005, 3:59pm

Author: wysota

RE: changing konsole to bash

What does 'echo $SHELL' tell you? Maybe you have ~/.bash_profile or ~/.bashrc mixed up and it opens sh?

Tuesday, May 10th 2005, 11:54pm

Author: wysota

shutdown command

Quoted Originally posted by Krasu Hmm ... But programs can still call something like Source code 1 2 3 KProcess pr; pr << "shutdown" << "-h" << "now"; pr.start(KProcess::Block); Yes, but they (the user that runs such a program) have to be allowed by the sysadmin to do that, but KDE probably does that as root or something like that and if you used dcop, it would probably execute with kwin owner's rights or even as root (again) so it would (again probably) be unstoppable.

Tuesday, May 10th 2005, 11:18pm

Author: wysota

shutdown command

DCOP probably (and hopefully) doesn't allow that. This way any KDE application could shut down your computer. I don't know how about you, but I'd be angry if something like that happened to me.

Monday, May 9th 2005, 3:09pm

Author: wysota

[kget] Multithread?

You want something that for example prozilla offers. @anda_skoa: There is one gain for such thing while downloading from a single server -- when the server limits bandwidths for single connections. Then, if you connect multiple times, you can download faster, because each connection gets its own bandwidth limit. @all: But this hasn't got anything to do with slow internet connections. You can never download faster than your ISP allows you Wheather you have a single connection at 1Mbps or 4 connec...

Sunday, April 24th 2005, 9:27am

Author: wysota

RE: Using fish:// through a router

You have to forward your ssh port from this local machine to the router. Basicly firewalls are for hiding things that are beneath them

Tuesday, April 19th 2005, 10:58pm

Author: wysota

RE: drag and drop: one instance only

Is this your own application?

Thursday, April 14th 2005, 6:10pm

Author: wysota

RE: Font 8-bit encoding in KDE

Hello Basiu You are refering to KDE 2.2 Is that correct or did you mean KDE 3.2, as as far as I remember, there is KDE 3 not KDE 2 bundled with Woody. I have KDE 3.2 but I seem to be unable to find these encoding settings you mean. I am using ISO-8859-2 fonts too, and I don't experience any problems with them (although I don't use Debian with KDE). Could you elaborate on the problem and give details? Maybe your system is set up incorrectly. Choosing Poland as your country should automatically se...

Wednesday, April 13th 2005, 10:20am

Author: wysota

RE: Where did my root go??? SuSE 9x

You must have disallowed logging in as root into kde (or the package maintainer did that for you), which is a good thing Press CTRL+F1, log in as root and add a regular user. You should never use root if you don't have to -- and you certainly don't need root to launch kde

Thursday, April 7th 2005, 10:13am

Author: wysota

RE: Mandrake 10.1: Upgrade KDE 3.2 -> 3.4

Well, it depends on how did the whole upgrading process looked like... Were KDE3.2 packages uninstalled? If not, then you have to do it by yourself and carefully. Run rpm -qa|grep 3.2 to see if kde3.2 packages are present on your system. Before uninstalling them, though, I'd advise finding where theese 3.4 were installed and running kde from them manually (you'd probably have to change some paths to achieve that) to see if the installation is correct, as you're using unofficial repository with u...

Monday, April 4th 2005, 2:40pm

Author: wysota

RE: konqueror corrupt in root

use a terminal and issue the command "su" there. Some administration programs are also able to switch to root account if needed (of course you have to provide a password).

Monday, April 4th 2005, 1:27pm

Author: wysota

RE: konqueror corrupt in root

You shouldn't use KDE apps (including konqueoror) as root if don't need to. You may want to try deleting ~root/.kde or moving it to a different location. This way kde will reset all the root's settings to default. The "lock" is because normal users don't have access permissions to roots home directory. You must be browsing as a regular user and not as root if you see the lock.

Monday, April 4th 2005, 12:22pm

Author: wysota

KHTMLPart and cookies

What happens if you view the page in konqueror (it works for me too)? Konqueror uses KHTML, so they should behave the same.

Wednesday, March 30th 2005, 8:16pm

Author: wysota

RE: need help, i cant describe my problem, sorry

This is a double ( I'm closing this thread.

Tuesday, March 29th 2005, 9:54pm

Author: wysota

need help, i cant describe my problem, sorry

This is not Designer related, moving to KDE Development.

Thursday, March 24th 2005, 11:07pm

Author: wysota

RE: I'm a newbe and would like some help

Please don't doublepost.

Wednesday, March 23rd 2005, 11:01pm

Author: wysota

Drawing wave form

You can check the sources of artscontrol as it displays arts master volume.

Monday, March 21st 2005, 9:31pm

Author: wysota

RE: shadows with xcompmgr at startup

Did you read this: ?

Sunday, March 20th 2005, 7:59am

Author: wysota

RE: unresolved symbol

Check which version of Qt your KDE libraries are linked against.