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Thursday, November 13th 2008, 4:21am

Author: jopa

dashboard/application launcher/stable audio config

The Dashboard, Please add manually arrange icons feature! The Application launcher, option to free it from the confines of that box. Like classic kde3 but with the new features like favorites/right click options. When are we going to get some solid sanity for sound. phonon/pulseaudio/alsa/oss what a mess, I use usb speakers and/or my laptop speakers. Maybe one day soon we will be able to just setup default sound devices.

Thursday, November 13th 2008, 4:13am

Author: jopa

KDE 4.1.2 I like it, but...

First off, not a disappointment, I like it and am excited to see it stabilize and hopefully speed up some. Good job developers, I can see about where you are heading... I think. Now for my feedback, The Dashboard, cool but wtf, there are usability issues here. I work from my desktop day to day. I put files I am working on this week/month there and I group them in little blocks based on projects. I can't use the desktop this way with kde4 yet. I don't mind the desktop being a widget in the dashbo...