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Monday, January 19th 2004, 11:00pm

Author: gandy

Kopete CVS configure problem: missing kconfig_compiler

Run before configure-ing: sed -i "s/kde_qtsubver=2/kde_qtsubver=1/" configure rm -fr autom4te.cache It worked for me

Monday, January 19th 2004, 10:59pm

Author: gandy

Slight bug with window size

Change the (meta)contact's name to something shorter? Using long (MSN) nicknames is stupid anyway... It's should be forbidden :twisted:

Monday, January 19th 2004, 10:58pm

Author: gandy

Re: kopete tab and window raising

Quoted Original von satai I was wondering if there was a way to have Kopete raise the window, but NOT the tab, when I receive a message. There isn't a way to do this. It's actually a feature I want myself :-)

Monday, January 19th 2004, 10:54pm

Author: gandy

Kopete 0.7.3 and 0.8b2 Installation problems

Run these 2 commands before configure-ing: sed -i "s/kde_qtsubver=2/kde_qtsubver=1/" configure rm -fr autom4te.cache

Monday, January 19th 2004, 10:52pm

Author: gandy

Problem with Kopete 0.7.1 and RH9

That is a bug in the RedHat RPMs. You should use Kopete 0.7.4 anyway ;-)

Monday, January 19th 2004, 10:49pm

Author: gandy

Kopete MSN connection problem (undefined symbol)

This is no KDE/Kopete bug. This is a fault in your system. A solid package manager shouldn't allow "undefined symbols" to happen. Oh wait, Slackware :roll:

Monday, January 19th 2004, 10:46pm

Author: gandy

how to qualify acoustic warning to the arrival of a message?

Preferences -> Behavior -> General Tab -> Configure Sounds & Events

Wednesday, January 14th 2004, 1:33pm

Author: gandy

(Kopete) Yahoo Buddy List/Messages Missing?

Kopete 0.7.5 will be released soon with the Yahoo fixes.

Wednesday, January 14th 2004, 1:32pm

Author: gandy

Kopete 0.8 beta 2 in Mandrake 9.2

Kopete 0.8 beta2 runs fine with KDE 3.1 & Qt 3.1. Just run the following commands before you do the "./configure" step: sed -i "s/kde_qtsubver=2/kde_qtsubver=1/" configure rm -fr autom4te.cache

Wednesday, January 14th 2004, 1:30pm

Author: gandy

kopete .8beta2 kde 3.1

Run: rm -fr autom4te.cache

Saturday, January 10th 2004, 3:50pm

Author: gandy


Personally, the latest Kopete version (0.7.4) never crashed on me.

Saturday, January 10th 2004, 3:43pm

Author: gandy

'Doom 3' Delay. But not long to go now!

It's "Doom 3", not "Doom III" Sorry, couldn't resist :-)

Saturday, January 10th 2004, 3:40pm

Author: gandy

Slow KDE?

Use another distro which applies more performance tweaks. e.g. Mandrake & SuSE are faster than the average distro

Saturday, January 10th 2004, 3:35pm

Author: gandy


urpmi libxml2-devel

Saturday, January 10th 2004, 3:32pm

Author: gandy

Kopete: sound alert possible on initial message?

Preferences -> Behavior -> Configure Sounds & Events ?

Saturday, January 10th 2004, 3:22pm

Author: gandy

Kopete works in fedora??

Red Hat and Fedora have shipped broken Kopete/KDE packages in the past. If I were you, I would go for Mandrake or SuSE :-)

Saturday, January 10th 2004, 3:20pm

Author: gandy

Kopete + Miranda ICQ

I've heard this is a bug in Miranda. It may be solved in more recent versions.