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Monday, January 19th 2009, 4:08pm

Author: aaronforjesus

What (desired function) is KDE 4.1 still missing for you?

A couple of things for me versus 3.5 (versus KDE 4.2 RC1): 1. KDEBluetooth4 is missing KIO file browsing for OBEX-FTP. It maketh browsing files on my cell phone over bluetooth impossible. I'm right now using KDEBluetooth for KDE 3.5 for that KDEBluetooth4 is not done yet. 2. An Administrator (root) button for editing the Login Manager (KDM) like was available with KDE 3.5. It is very difficult to edit the Login Manager on Debian for that root logins from KDM not allowed. One hath to select a con...

Sunday, June 25th 2006, 1:55am

Author: aaronforjesus

RE: Suggest distro?

Debian Unstable (Sid) is a popular choice. You can install the Debian Testing CD, then, change your /etc/apt/sources.list from testing to unstable and apt-get dist-upgrade. However, be warned that it is unstable sometimes. It does allow you the option to continuously upgrade, similar to Gentoo, but without the compiling. OpenSuse is another idea, but you will have to periodically reinstall.

Friday, March 24th 2006, 4:45am

Author: aaronforjesus

RE: Canṫ configure keyboard propperly

Sounds like you might be using an international keyboard like English Intl. To check, press the tilde (~), then the n key. If you get an ñ, then you have an international keyboard set. Go into Control Center > Regional & Accessories > Keyboard Layout and select English or US English (not International), and make sure the Layout Varient is set to something like Basic. I am using Debian, so your setup may be different. Let me know if this is the problem.

Friday, March 17th 2006, 6:49pm

Author: aaronforjesus

how to configure the left- doubleclick ?

The mouse itself is controlled by the x-server which controls what how each button works. However, the click action is controlled by the window manager. So you can change the buttons by the x-server (such as if you have a 5 button mouse - the scroll wheel is actually three buttons, forward is one, back is one, and click is the third) such as moving the right to left, or having the scroll wheel be the left and right if you want to get really wild. You can even assign keyboard keys, using imwheel,...

Friday, March 17th 2006, 5:58am

Author: aaronforjesus

RE: How to put Show desktop aplet in quick launch bar?

wmctrl is a small program that may help you. I couldn't find a KDE solution.

Friday, March 17th 2006, 5:42am

Author: aaronforjesus

RE: Optic-Mouse problems

Problably the wrong mouse driver in you xorg.conf file, or as happened to me one time, the wrong device location. I had the old /dev/psaux/ when Debian changed it to /dev/input/mice in my XFree86-4.conf.

Friday, March 17th 2006, 5:37am

Author: aaronforjesus

RE: Show mounted samba shares

Maybe add them to your /etc/fstab.

Friday, March 17th 2006, 5:36am

Author: aaronforjesus

RE: Setting View Default

Are you still having a problem? Just checking.

Friday, March 17th 2006, 5:31am

Author: aaronforjesus

RE: Date & Time info

Open Konsole and type "xhost +". That might help. It is an X configuration problem.

Friday, March 17th 2006, 5:27am

Author: aaronforjesus

RE: kde on window$

I believe thou canst run Konqueror in Cygwin. For native execution, thou wilt have to wait till KDE 4 comes out.

Friday, March 17th 2006, 5:22am

Author: aaronforjesus

RE: how to configure the left- doubleclick ?

All I found is single-left click on the Desktop > Behavior in Control Panel. Sorry.

Friday, March 17th 2006, 5:10am

Author: aaronforjesus

RE: Printing problems

Could be a permissions problem. It usually is when I have problems.

Friday, March 17th 2006, 5:08am

Author: aaronforjesus

RE: KDE screwing up title bar and buttons.

On older Intel video chips (older than the i845 i think) this does happen to those window decorations that use alpha transparency. On those computers, I usually set it up using the MS Windows 9x theme (I know, but it is a clean looking theme), which does not use transparency.

Friday, March 17th 2006, 5:02am

Author: aaronforjesus

RE: Change size of quicklaunch icons

There is the actual Quick Launcher applet (as opposed to adding Icons to Kicker). Right click on Kicker and select Add Applet to Panel. In the dialog, select Quck Launcher. By default they are 16px. Right click on the Quick Launcher applet and select Configure QuickLauncher. You can then change the icon size to suit your needs. This is in KDE 3.5.1.

Friday, March 17th 2006, 4:56am

Author: aaronforjesus

RE: Minimum installation with X Windows

Just checking to see if you got the information you needed.

Friday, March 17th 2006, 4:53am

Author: aaronforjesus

RE: How to see new hard disk

Are you still having a problem? Just checking.

Friday, March 17th 2006, 4:52am

Author: aaronforjesus

RE: KDE print manager

I was wondering if you still have a problem? Just checking.