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Sunday, February 26th 2006, 12:30pm

Author: step

Reminders at wrong times - KOrganizer 3.5

This is a frustrating and ├╝ber-annoying bug. See and there is several bug reports in that date back to 2004 and are still with status "New"., etc Looks like this damn "time zone hell" gets fixed in one version and then returns in the next one. Sorry, but i have no idea how to fix this. I have changes my hardware clock from UTC to local, I ...

Sunday, February 26th 2006, 10:03am

Author: step


Same problem here. This damn "icon view" brings my whole system down to its knees. And I can not find a way to disable nor change the default setting. Thanx for all your help. Quoted Posted: Sun Feb 26, 2006 5:33 pm By: CorpseOfMystic Try this: in any folder, right click and select Properties. Next to "Type: Folder" you will see a button with a configuration icon on it. Click that to get the options for viewing Folders. Under "Embedding" you will see the complete list of KParts available that ar...