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Tuesday, July 27th 2010, 6:47am

Author: tjk

can't save or change window decorations

I did a clean install of Kubuntu Lucid because of some problems that I was having with screen resolution. I didn't delete the /home directory when I reinstalled. It fixed the screen resolution problem, but now I can't change or save window decorations in the system settings. What could be causing this problem? (Using KDE 4.4.5)

Thursday, April 12th 2007, 7:23pm

Author: tjk

Synking Nokia phone with KDEpim

I recently bought a Nokia 5300 and would like to sync it with my Kontacts, Notes, Calendar and ToDos (Korganizer). Has anyone suggestions? There is very little discussion or documentation concerning syncing with cell phones. I've tried installing several packages with no success (my hacking skill are not very good either). Multisync seemed promising, especially since I found a plugin for KDEPIM, but there was a dependency conflict that I couldn't resolve and so I was unable to use it. Any help w...

Friday, April 6th 2007, 1:26am

Author: tjk

cursor bumping corner of screen = command

Long time ago I once used Windoze, and at that time there was a little program that I used to assign commands to bumps/position/click/key combinations. For example: One thing I very much miss is the ability to rotate between windows by bumping the bottom right corner of the screen with the mouse cursor. Anyone know of a package (or script) that would help me implement this feature under KDE?

Thursday, December 14th 2006, 6:13pm

Author: tjk

kmail - can't find kweather

I recently started using Linux/kmail. It seems that KWeather (and other plugins) should be part of the package, but they are nowhere to be found. As well, I can't find the spam filter (bog__??). I've searched forums and google, but haven't found any solutions... please help.