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Saturday, March 12th 2005, 6:09am

Screen res and font size


I've just got a new laptop - inspiron 700m with WXGA (1280x800). In windows the font sizes and application sizes are scaled accordingly, so I can fit more on screen without problem. In KDE however, the font sizes are large and the application borders appear larger than they should for the resolution - effectively meaning I can fit less on screen comfortably than in windows. My eyes are good, so I don't mind (and in fact desire) smaller windows with more on screen.

I'm not sure why kde isn't recognising it - I'm guessing because it's a weird widescreen that it's partially considering the 800 pixel height when choosing the size of things. I also realise this could be something I need to change in my X configuration.

Any ideas on how to get kde to show at a smaller size, besides just reducing the font size by hand, would be appreciated. I don't want to change font size by hand because then in applications like kword I'll be saving files with a really small font that won't print well and won't share with others at a reasonable size.




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Saturday, March 12th 2005, 3:07pm

Sounds more like X not detecting the useful DPI resolution automatically.
You might have to set it manually.

As for KWord, I think you can still use normal font sizes and just use a different zoom level.

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