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Thursday, January 8th 2004, 8:16pm

KDE Desktop config - mouseover text

I'm working on setting up a default KDE desktop for new users, and I was wondering if there was any way to modify the text that pops up on mouseover of a desktop icon. For example, if I mouse over my MATLAB icon, I get the following list of attributes:

Type, Size, Modified, Owner, Permissions, Name, Comment (if I've entered one)

Now, name and comment are the only "useful" pieces of information there, at least for my new users. I can modify the comment easily enough, but I can't find any option anywhere to allow me to remove the other attributes from the display. Is there something obvious I'm missing, or is this just not configureable in KDE?



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Wednesday, December 12th 2007, 12:11pm

I take it you dragged the folder from konqueror down/up onto the taskbar. Suggestion: change konqueror style to show only those items you want to be shown, replace old metlab icon with new one and check mouseover style. If it is what you want change konqueror back to list or detail mode or whatever and check mouseover again.

Oh, and please report back to tell us whether it worked :)

OOOPS - just noticed the date
running on Debian Etch

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