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Monday, October 4th 2004, 4:41am

SimplyMEPIS 2004.02

MEPIS Linux, a Debian based desktop distro, has skyrocketed to #6 on's top 10 list in the past year. MEPIS itself is only 2 years old and is the youngest distro in the 'major' listing at What makes this distro so special? Why did Robin Miller the editor in chief for OSDN, one of the world's leading online tech news publishers choose MEPIS Linux to be included by default with his forthcoming book? Follow me through an install and you'll come to see why this is the fastest moving distro in the last two years.

I know I'm new to the forum....but I figured that some of you might like to check out MEPIS Linux. I run the site and have published a review/install log of the last release of SimplyMEPIS.

Review is here:



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Monday, October 4th 2004, 2:36pm

If i ever feel i have had enough of suse, mepis will be my next distro :D


Monday, October 4th 2004, 3:05pm

Try it as Live

Just give it a try!

It doubles as a live CD. You'll won't be sorry :)