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Tuesday, August 10th 2004, 6:34am

Can I remove the icons in Kmenu?

I have SuSE 9.1 and have a visual problem with the way the SuSE people decided to put honk'en huge 32x32 icons right next to each item in the menu bar! Is there any way to reduce them to 16x16, or better yet, to completely get them off the Kmenu? Please help! I am embarrassed to even show people my "cool" new KDE 3.2 system when it looks like a kids play toy!!


Tuesday, August 10th 2004, 5:51pm

Awesome! I got the answer on linuxform. Whoo Hoo!! For those of you who don't care to have a screen full of icons, do this: In the file ~/.kde/share/config/kickerrc there is an entry ‘MenuEntryHeight=xx’
Replace the xx with the desired pixel height you want (32 by default) zba78
I changed it to 16 and jump'n jungle, I can put the "pro" back in SuSE 9.1 pro!!!



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Tuesday, August 10th 2004, 10:56pm

In a less(?) obscure way you could change the setting "Control Center->Appearence & Themes->Icons->Advanced->Small Icons->Size" to 16.

Actually I can only double size the icons because only 16 is available as size.