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Tuesday, November 4th 2003, 12:09pm

We need more people

Earlier all I could hear in some of the slackware IRC channels is the complaint that doesn't have a slackware board, well here it is start using it. I am also posting the news on
Zachary Miscikoski

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Thursday, November 6th 2003, 9:27am

Thats great news syko_freak, we need all the help we can get to promote these great forums :D


Monday, December 8th 2003, 1:54am

Just looking forward to the next version of Slackware - hopefully we'll see something similar to;

"Slack next version"
2.6 kernel
KDE 3.2

that baby's gonna fly........

thanks to everyone at KDE and Slackware........9.1 with KDE 3.1.4 is already a classic..


Tuesday, January 27th 2004, 9:03pm

Slackware is alive and kicking

Don't think because the Slackware users don't make much noise that they are not here. I used every major distro and seteled for Slack


Monday, March 8th 2004, 3:21am

Good news, indeed..............................even though the "official" Slack forum is over a LQ. I'm happy to see one here at KDE.... :D
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Saturday, March 27th 2004, 7:37pm

Slackware rulzzz.


Monday, March 29th 2004, 12:23pm

Re: We need more people

Hey Zachary Miscikoski

I like the way you signed your name in Binary :wink:

Here is my:

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