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Wednesday, June 4th 2003, 3:04am

Remembering Password Mandrake 9.1

I cant get KDE to remember the root password. Remember password is checked and I have set the control center to remember password for 1200 minutes but I still have to enter the password everytime I run an application requiring it. It worked fine under Mandrake 9.0
Has anyone solved this?
Ron Schmars



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Wednesday, June 4th 2003, 1:47pm

i have similar problems, but i got used to typing it a lot.


Wednesday, June 4th 2003, 1:57pm

Root password is a security risk -> never store it in a file, encrypted or not....


Thursday, January 8th 2004, 5:03am

I also have the problem. It's kind of annoying when you're trying to get something done and you keep opening and closing the software tools.