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Tuesday, November 25th 2003, 5:11am

Novell, Ximian, and SuSE

Anyone know what will happen now that Novell owns SuSE? Since Ximian is part of the Novell fold, it seems natural they'd start placing an emphasis on Gnome support. Do you think it would be a good idea if all the SuSE users who favor KDE email them and sound off? I already have. Even though KDE may still be part of SuSE in future releases, I would like to see continued full support for it. I'd also like to continue seeing KDE as the default environment. I cringe at the thought of using Gnome for anything...


Tuesday, November 25th 2003, 10:23am

SuSE is one of the traditional strong supporters of KDE... I also do hope that they continue using it as default for their OS.

cheers - pistooli


Wednesday, November 26th 2003, 12:44am

There was a discution on the subject on, sometime ago :

But the most interressant link on the subject is :


Wednesday, November 26th 2003, 2:14am

This article spells doom