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Sunday, November 14th 2004, 11:01am with new style has got a new style! At the moment the style is installed but I hope everything goes fine.

When you find a bug somewhere please contact me with PM!

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Sunday, November 14th 2004, 12:34pm

but i still miss avatars


Sunday, November 14th 2004, 12:37pm

oh, yes, they work now,
but the next objection is that i cannot correct my previous post nor delete it.


Sunday, November 14th 2004, 7:36pm

There's too much wasted screen space - the main image is too big and the icons along the top of the screen are too big. I think 15-20% of the vertical screen space is wasted.



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Sunday, November 14th 2004, 8:15pm

I don't like it.
It is too narrow, only fills about half of my available width (1400 Pixels)

But the worst thing is, it can't be changed. Tried all available options in my profile settings page, but it always looks the same.

Maybe it is not supposed to work with Konqueror from KDE3.2?

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Monday, November 15th 2004, 1:05am

Ok, it's not perfect, as anda_skoa points out, but I like it!
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Monday, November 15th 2004, 6:03am

It looks nice, but if the main area width is wider, it will be more space-efficient, IMHO .. :)

Cheers .. Gus



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Monday, November 15th 2004, 1:10pm

I don't like it much.

The top bar is not that usefull and in my opinion would be better as a sidebar.
What about that top bar that was supposed to integrate all KDE related sites?

The forum logo creates a lot of wasted space tat is added to the space taken by site global navigation, "Post Reply", etc.

The graphics need more contrast imo.They are to smooth. Oh! if I look in the bottom of the page I see that the layout is not correctly alligned. I mean that the lines make something like "----____----" instead of "------------".

Most of this things are probably related to the iCGstation template as I don't seem to be able to change it.

In general I think that usability was disregarded in consideration to's not preatty enough...




Monday, November 15th 2004, 1:53pm

Many changes are coming up and I will leave this community because I'm not using Linux or KDE in anyway anymore.

So the new administrators have to change this theme and I know that there is much space wasted. I hope the new guys will change this!



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Monday, November 15th 2004, 8:43pm

I find that KDE-Forum now looks better, but I agree with many of the earlier posters that it's a bad idea not to use the entire screen width. Another thing I dislike is that viewed and unviewed topics have the same color.



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Tuesday, November 23rd 2004, 8:37pm

What's different? It looks that same to me as it did a month ago..
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