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Friday, January 24th 2003, 6:30pm is back again and again!

The forum is back and now forever :D (i hope)

The forum is now on the server. Thanks to navin!

I hope that the community can now continue posting and supporting new users. The big community of KDE has now chats (irc), mailing-lists, news and two forums: and special for german users !

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Wednesday, January 29th 2003, 9:48pm


I hope all the members find out soon and start posting again. :)

And the main front page works too. Great work!
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Thursday, January 30th 2003, 5:50pm

I know I'll be reading and posting here. In spite of all the technical glitches that have affected this forum, it's far better place for us newbies to learn about KDE and Linux than any of the newsgroups. Everyone here is very friendly and eager to help, unlike the help I used to get on newsgroups, which amounted to little more than RTFM. I'm an IT professional, and I would be out of work if I treated end users like that.

So keep up the great work everyone, and as I learn, I will contribute, too. Thanks for making a forum where we can all comfortably learn more about our new favorite OS and windowing evironment.

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Saturday, February 1st 2003, 6:37am

Cool! Its baacccckkk!
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