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Friday, July 25th 2003, 3:29pm

KDE 3.1/mandrake 9.1

Hi. I have just installed mandrake 9.1.The first place I went was to KDE.When I got there man I loved it.After I shut down and looked at the other desktops (EXP Gnome) I could not get in to Gnome.Thought I would log back into KDE and it frozze.So I did a reboot and nothing,It will lock up on initializing system services.If I reboot and force system integrity check it will boot into KDE.I am very new to linux and I want to learn. please help.


Tuesday, December 30th 2003, 4:35pm

Try clearing the tmp folder using Midnight Commander or another graphical manager besides KDE and GNoMe. I know the post is kind of old but oh, well. :?
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