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Tuesday, October 28th 2003, 9:45am

A Beginner needs help!

Two months ago I convertet to Linux. I am absolutely pissed off by the Microsoft concern and it's cooperate identity :x . But that's another issue...

There is still one thing I still miss on my new System. Commercial Games.
By scrolling through this part of the community i recognized that this seem to be possible.

And here the Questions of an absolutely beginner:

1. Is there an own plattform for Linux-Games or is there a tool to use
Games from the Windows plattform?

2. If the 2nd is right, why is there no own plattform for Comercial games.
Is there no market for Linux Games

I'm of the opinion that gaming is one important key to make Linux more popular.

I'm looking forward to the day when Microsoft is going down because of it's own (wrong) strategy and i think many others agree to me!

Thanx for all help!



Tuesday, October 28th 2003, 9:24pm

I am not quite sure I understood well the question. But it exist a plateform for developping game for linux it's SDL and OpenGL.
But you can run windows games on a linux box using winex which is not free.


Tuesday, October 28th 2003, 11:42pm

Games can be very important for an OS, unless it is being targetted towards a niche market. I think that the one way for linux to get its way into a significant percentage of homes (double digits) would be for it to have better and more popular games, or something catastrophic to happen to Microsoft. I don't think a lot of people would convert to Apple just because it's so damn $expensive.
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