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Sunday, August 10th 2003, 4:54pm

Games with SDL => no mouse

Does anybody know this effect?
When I try to run games, which use SDL for mouse grabbing, my mouse doesn't work well. The games only get right and down mouse movements. Buttons work well. Some games (for example "neverball") even get no mouse movements.
I even tried changing from PS/2 to USB and to reinstall libsdl. But there's no change. Is there a config file for SDL? If so, where? ( not in /etc... =( )


Monday, August 11th 2003, 6:47pm

Hi harlekin_666 , would like to try to help you but a will need a bit more information! What Distro are you running? what kernel version? And most important of all :oops: what is SDL?

I would post a message at my forum too, as there are more dedicated gamer there that may have come across this error before. :D Heads up and we will get it sorted.
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Wednesday, August 13th 2003, 2:52pm

Some informations about my system:
Gentoo Linux
Kernel: Linux 2.4.22-pre3-ac1
libsdl: 1.2.5-r2
XFree: 4.3.0-r2

SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer) is a library which supports easy multimedia, opengl and network access for programmers. It's a library many games rely on. And it's really nice for programming. See also

And I have a good message: I have found a wourkaround. You can tell libsdl how to use mouse by setting env vars. I only have to set SDL_MOUSE_DEV to /dev/input/mice. It seems that SDL tries to use another device...


Wednesday, August 13th 2003, 3:09pm

That is great news that you sorted out the problem! :D
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