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Monday, March 29th 2004, 10:44pm

Childpanels en masse...

I tried to make a lot of childpanels spread out eavenly across the screen. Even though this wasn't a problem, the end result wasn't what I was looking for.

I wanted to create an angle at each corner going about a third of the screens widht and height, thus I created 7 child panels. Get the picture?
What I ended up with was panels basically spread all over the screen...

If you try this you will see the problem:
  • Add two childpanels - They will show up on either sides of the screen.
  • Open the settings and set the size of each childpanel to 33%
  • Position the first childpanel horizontally on the top left, and the other on the top right and klick apply.[/list:u]
    The result - two horizontal childpanels on the top of the screen thats on different levels...

    In order for me to be able to do what I want, I need to get the panels on the same level. Can I do this, and if so - how?


Monday, April 5th 2004, 4:18am

Iunderstand what you're trying to get, but I don't think that panels can overlap at this time. If I'm wrong, someone pelase correct me, cause I would like to get a similar set-up too.
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