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Wednesday, April 16th 2003, 12:55am

Opening files in embeded viewer or in konqueror

I know how to make it so that images or either opened in the embeded viewer or in another viewer. There is an option in the control center.

But is it possible to have Konqueror as a file browser opening images in a seperate viewer and Konqueror as a web browser opening images in the embeded viewer ?


Wednesday, April 16th 2003, 1:45pm

I believe you can go to file management mode via load view profile in the settings menu. Then configure it to handle the images as you wish. Then save the profile.

I have not tried this personnally, but that is what I would try to do.


Wednesday, April 16th 2003, 4:17pm

Ha, it doesn't seem to work.


Wednesday, April 16th 2003, 6:17pm

So much for my 2 cents.

Sorry I couldn't help.


Wednesday, April 16th 2003, 8:34pm

No problem, thanks anyway.

Maybe it just can't be done... That seems to be the case.

A wanted images to be opened in kuickshow when in the file browser so they can be opened fullscreen and in konqueror while browsing the web becuase it is not only more natural but also, because so images can't be loaded externally with kview or kuickshow but seem to work when opened internally in konqueror.