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Saturday, September 4th 2004, 2:12am

[kopete] Can't get aim to stay connected

I'm running Kopete 0.8.1 on KDE 3.2.1 on SuSe 9.1. My internet is working great and I am able to connect to IRC with Kopete. The only problem is that when I connect to AIM, my buddy list loads and windows pop-up that show me who is online, but after a fraction of a second the AIM connection is dropped. I suspect the problem might have something to do with the AIM server rejecting a connection from a foreign client on the oscar protocol, but once again there is no way to change the protocol to TOC. Does anyone have any suggestions?


Thursday, September 9th 2004, 5:55am

i too have this problem. just replying to bump the topic

also i sure wish there was a "protocol status" section on the homepage that listed each protocol and whether the plugin was supposed to be working



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Thursday, September 9th 2004, 7:03am

Yes, i think versions < 0.8.3 used the older protocol. Upgrade to 0.8.4.


Friday, September 10th 2004, 7:01pm

Being a Gentoo user I had to upgrade my whole kdenetwork package to do that, but when I did it worked. Thanks for the tip