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Tuesday, July 6th 2004, 3:06pm

knode filter "watched" threads?

here's the story. i stopped subscribing to mailing lists because i have limited email space on my free web account. so i started using newsgroups feeds for my favorite mailing lists. now i've run into the same problem i've always had with mailing lists: how to track a thread i'm are interested in!!

it always happens! i reply to a thread or ask a question, then the thread gets lost in a billion other messages and i never see it again.

but whats this? in knode, i can mark a thread as "watched"! neat, so it puts a special icon next to the thread title. big whoop, it still gets lost in the sea of other messages!

my question: is there any way i can get knode to filter all "watched" threads and display them in some window?

thanks a ton.


Tuesday, July 6th 2004, 3:42pm

oops, found it. i'm retarded.