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Tuesday, April 20th 2004, 1:58pm

[Kopete] Error with ICQ-Plugin when trying to read user info

Kopete looks good, but it suffers from several bugs, as this:
I'm using Kopete at university and I started it the first time.
Guess what, everything went fine, I could use all features ...
But now, don't know why, I can't read, e.g. fetch any userinfos anymore ...
The error reads:[code:1]Connection lost - ICQ Plugin: Generic Packet Error: Rate to server[/code:1]

Perhaps someone knows how to solve this ...

Thanks in advance,


Thursday, April 29th 2004, 3:48pm

Since yesterday I encounter the same problem with Kopete 0.8.2. It starts working fine in the morning, I can fetch user infos from ICQ and then all of a sudden I get the mentioned error for the rest of the day, no matter whether I log out/in again to ICQ or restart kopete.

I assume that it's a server thing and not due to kopete but who knows...