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Saturday, February 7th 2004, 8:47pm

Kopete 0.8, Encryption-Module-problems

Hello frieds,
I will tell you my experience with the new Kopete 0.8 and it's strange behaviour using the GnuPG-encrpytion-module.

At first it is very difficult to find the right font- and backgroud-colour to see the incoming encrypted messages. I know this problem of old Kopete-versions and it's manageable.

A new problem of Kopete 0.8 ist the windows for the passphraese entering for the first incoming encrypted message. In older versions of Kopete there was only one Window which comes in front of the current application. Now, it is a passive window and only visibla at the desktop where kopete is running. But there are really many many of this windows, when you realise it too late. The sender of the message is only getting an send-time-out:-(

The biggest problem to me is, that in the new Kopete-version the decrypting makes trouble from time to time. Only plain messages are shown, but if I go to the discussion-history of the user, I see the decrypted message and can encrypt it successfully via the clipport.

Another problem is that, if I send German Umlauts (ä,ü,ö) the receiver gets only a letter-code and not the letter. This problem only occurs while using the Encryption-module and only with the new Kopete 0.8 that come with my KDE3.2 for Suse-linux 9.0.

If you have any hints for my how to solve these probles, please let me know.

spunti from Germany


Friday, February 13th 2004, 12:24pm


Is there really nobody who uses the GnuPG-encryption or do you haven't these problems?
I suppose you don't work with KDE 3.2 and the new Kopete, right?



Saturday, February 14th 2004, 1:46am

At this moment I use kopete under kde3.2 with the cryptography and the jabber plugin. I can confirm the follwing bugs:

* a passphrase dialog pops up for each message received in absence (it is very annoying to type in your password 20 times or more!!!). This is at least the case in v0.7.5 and if I remember it correctly also in v0.8 (if you dont use kwallet).

* the History Plugin v0.8 saves (only) the encrypted message. While some paranoid people actually may want this behaviour, it renders kopete in my opinion completely useless. I guess the order in which the plugins are loaded is the reason for this behaviour. As with v0.7.5, it seems one can affect this to a certain degree by activate and deactivate the plugins in the desired order or at least by changing .kde/share/config/kopeterc manually.

* the problems with umlauts (ä,ü,ö,ß) between (kopete v0.7.5 <--> psi 0.9.1 win) and (kopete v0.7.5 <--> kopete v0.8 ). I tried to use the Auto Replace plugin to solve this problem, but it did not work very well (that is only in one direction, only for some umlauts, only till the next restart of kopete).

* The Tab "Plugins" and all Plugin-Tabs (Cryptography, Auto Replace, ...) as well, are not shown in "Configure Kopete" dialog in v0.8 as opposed to 0.7.5. I consider this a setback, because the only way one can access these dialogs is from "Menubar -> Settings -> Configure Plugins". Needless to say I like the menubar switched off.

I can only conclude that kopete is not yet ready for primetime and should not have shipped with kde3.2! It is what I call "alpha" quality software! Don't get me wrong here: It is stable, but a pain in the ass to use. What I find strange is, that (in my eyes) v0.7.5 is slightly more useable that v0.8. Dear developers, you did test your work bevor you submitted it, did you? :roll:


Sunday, February 15th 2004, 9:06pm

I'm also useing the cryptography-plugin, since i use PGP anyway an my friends do too. I was also not happy about highlightning the incoming and outgoing messages, so i changed it back in the sources how it was in previous versions. It's quite easy and one of the things I love about open source. So no probem there anymore.
I have no problems with passphraese. I use gpg-agent, it stores my passphraese in cache so any applications can use it. I think it's the same what kwallet does in KDE3.2 . I still use 3.1.
Well, i'm from germany and noticed the behaviour with umlauts. For me, I take a look into it ;)

Greez from Dresden


Sunday, February 15th 2004, 9:18pm

empty messages

Hello Thomas,
what do you mean with "you know the problems with German umlauts and take a look into it"?
And do you also get only empty messages sometimes?
It is only shown "> 1000" or something but no message, though in the history the message ist complete.

Perhaps I will downgrade my Kopete 0.8, too. The problems came only with the new KDE3.2.

greetings from (fucking) Halle


Monday, February 16th 2004, 6:17pm

I meant i've noticed the errors on getting crypted messages containing german umlauts. Whenever there's a problem with applications I'm useing or when I want to change someting which is bothering me, I take a look into their sources. I'm not a software developer but i know a little about C and C++. Sometimes it works for me :)

I never got empty messages, this is new for me. Right now I'm useing kopete 0.8 with KDE3.1 . I checked KDE3.2 out, had some troubles with it. It's too soon for me to change, 3.1 is running great.

greetings from Dresden


Tuesday, February 17th 2004, 11:07am

kopete 0.7.3 rocks

I stay with KDE 3.2 but downgraded Kopete to the version 0.7.2 which is on my Suse 9.0 CDs. Via Yast Online Update I got version 0.7.3 automatically and it rocks! No empty messages, German umlauts work and only one passphrase-window - just without KWallet. I wouldn't like to give KWallet such confidential passwords.

thanks for your postings



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Saturday, March 27th 2004, 11:00am

Is the history still encrypted? O, and could somebody tell me how to add the passhash into my kdewallet?


Monday, March 29th 2004, 7:27pm


I don't use the latest KDE. In KDE3.2.0 and Kopete 0.8.0 the history was encrypted acutallly but I use Kopete 0.7.3 now to avoid problems.
Of course I've a new problem now, but not with the encrypton-module:-)

KWallet doesn't save my gpg-password and I think it's good so. Perhaps you could activate the gpg-agent und this agent uses KWallet? I don't know.

spunti from Germany