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Saturday, December 27th 2003, 2:21pm

Konqueror don't open Websites


I'vs trouble with Konqueror since today. If I try to open a web site, Konqueror offers me to open Quanta Plus instead of Konqueror.

Another problem is that konqueror as file manager don't open directories with a file "index.html" in it. If I deselect to option to open the index.html file the directory will opened.

What is changed in my system? What I must do to get back the old behaviour. I can't find any hint in the documentation or by searching with google. May be I am looking for the wrong keywords...

cu Dietmar.



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Saturday, December 27th 2003, 5:20pm

Sounds like the file asociation for text/html go messed up.

Right-click a html File in Konqueror and edit the file type properties (second last option)

Check that Konqueror is the top entry.

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Saturday, December 27th 2003, 11:42pm

As you are not telling with version of KDE you are using: deselection of the index.html menu entry was fixed somwhen back in the few last days.

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Sunday, December 28th 2003, 9:50am

The Version


1. My KDE has version 3.1.4.

2. The association with Konqueror was missing. So I added Konqueror with the command "kfmclient openURL %u text/html". Now I get the message Konqueror can't work with types like "text/html". (The message is in german because my language settings are german. This is the message now: "Es gibt anscheinend eine Fehleinstellung. Sie haben Konqueror mit text/html verknüpft, aber das Programm kann diesen Dateityp nicht verarbeiten.")

The problem is not solved.

cu Dietmar.


Sunday, December 28th 2003, 1:51pm

KHTML missing as embedded component

I'm still looking for a solution of problem. So I found that KHTML is missing in the embedded components. (I have compared two account. Konqueror at the other account is working. The other account has selected KHTML as embedded component.)

cu Dietmar.


Monday, December 29th 2003, 7:26am

Search in your $KDEHOME (normally ~/.kde) any .desktop file having a relation with text/html. Move that file out of the $KDEHOME.

Then run (under KDE)

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Monday, December 29th 2003, 6:13pm

Thank you!


Great! This is the solution! It works!

Thank you! :-)

cu Dietmar.