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Saturday, December 13th 2003, 11:12pm

Kopete account wizard crashing.

I've just upgraded to Kopete 0.7.3 on SuSE 8.2, using an rpm from SuSE's own ftp server - sadly each time I attempt to add a user account to Kopete, the account wizard crashes the entire programme once the "finish" button is hit. Is this a known bug - if so, where can I obtain information on it? I've already been searching - but in vain. Otherwise, is there a possibility that I've misconfigured something? Or is it possible to add user accounts without using the wizard? As a relative Linux newbie, any and all help/guidance will be greatly appreciated. :)

Many thanks


Sunday, December 14th 2003, 3:49pm

I'm facing the exact same situation.

I've got Suse 8.2, KDE 3.1.1 .

I also grabbed Kopete 0.7.3 - the RPM hosted at SuSE's website.

Each time I configure an account, and then hit Finish, the Kopete program immediately ends & disappears.

I don't know how to fix it, but maybe somebody here can help?

SuSE has a .7.4 RPM for SuSE 9, but not 8.2. Possibly the .7.4 version fixes this, and we should install it from source?

For that matter, I cannot find a Kopete changelog, or list of fixes in each version, anywhere. Is there one?