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Saturday, December 6th 2003, 5:00pm

kopete (msn) through SQUID proxy how?


I have been trying to use msn on kopete thru squid but have had no luck. The proxy is set in Konqueror, and all other programs work with my proxy.

Is there a patch for the MSN plugin? or do i need to hack in proxy support myself? there doesnt seem to be a proxy section in the plugin. Gaim and Al's messenger work fine, but i want to use kopete.

kopete is so nice! please help...


Sunday, December 7th 2003, 9:13pm

Kopete MSN and proxy settings

Quick workaround for this is to add the domains, and to the "Exclusions" settings in Konqueror under manual proxy settings. I'm not 100% sure anything other than is strictly neccessary, but I found these settings to work comfortably whilst still allowing the use of a filtering proxy such as ffproxy which I use on my gateway.




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Monday, December 8th 2003, 8:53pm

You could try to see if kopete honors the ENV var PROXY
You could also use firewall rules to map msn server to the proxy
You can submit a BUG and wait for the anwser

good luck


Tuesday, December 9th 2003, 9:58pm


the ENV var PROXY is set up already. since i must use wget in gentoo when emerging packages. Making those changes in konqueror has had no effect :(

I think I will attempt to make a patch for the msn plugin to support http proxy servers.