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  • "seb" started this thread

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Thursday, October 24th 2002, 9:22am

Favourite IM's

Which do you guys prefer?
And what app do you use for it?



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Thursday, October 24th 2002, 9:28am

Well normaly I don't use IM, but I have a yahoo account. At MSN I will register at 30th February. Promised :twisted:


Thursday, October 24th 2002, 11:13am

Kmess and Licq

I use Kmess that is a MSN client for KDE, and
LICQ for the ICQ network.

I've tryied also Kopete.
dave >>


Thursday, October 24th 2002, 11:25am

I used licq for a long time. But know I use kopete with icq and aim.
Works fine!


Thursday, October 24th 2002, 8:04pm

I now use gaim for msn and kopete for icq, gaim because kopete doesn't support msn protocol proxying. I've used licq for quite a long period but now kopete is sufficient. And often for instance when I need file transfers I use IRC


Friday, October 25th 2002, 12:06am

Most of my friends are on AIM, so I use Gaim to IM with them.
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Saturday, October 26th 2002, 1:48am


I just use AIM.


Sunday, October 27th 2002, 4:54pm

Favourite IM

Hi guys!
I have used GnomeICU and Licq but now I prefer Sim :lol:
and for IRC..... I love Kvirc



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Saturday, November 16th 2002, 12:55pm

Most of my friends are on AIM or MSN. I use Gaim for both. For IRC, I use Xchat.
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Saturday, November 16th 2002, 9:13pm

AIM, MSN for only 3 people.
Uses the Netscape IM (AIM), GAIM, AMSN, or Everybuddy in LindowsOS.
I also have a Yahoo account
Nothing is Ever Perfect


Wednesday, January 1st 2003, 11:06am

I would use SIM-ICQ but I can't connect anymore :(


Thursday, January 16th 2003, 3:39am

I use GAIM now and I did a heavy sorting out of my list into different categories, etc., and then when I used normal AIM on a Windows machine, it says it can't get my buddy list....


Wednesday, January 29th 2003, 4:18am


back in the day i used to use licq and really liked it. but then a bajillion IM networks appeared and it became quickly apparent that a multiprotocol client was what i was going to need. every single one i tried was broken or somehow completely horrible.

fortunately kopete finally came along and it's everything i need. no, it isn't xchat when it comes to IRC, but it's good enough for the chatting i do, and its support for the other networks i use is great. so i'm a happy camper.

it still has a ways to go on several fronts before its The Killer IM client, but when it is released with KDE 3.2 i have no doubt that is exactly what it will be.


Monday, February 10th 2003, 12:03am


I've been using Psi for a time now and find it works fine to keep me in touch with all of my friends on MSN, Yahoo, ICQ & Jabber. In particular I find the intergration with the system tray really nice!


Monday, February 10th 2003, 7:52pm


Original von Kenneth

Most of my friends are on AIM, so I use Gaim to IM with them.

same here, but now with the new Kopete that has some major bug fixes i am now happy. also im glad they setup a debian mirror for kopete on :)

gaim is still good but i prefer kopete because its intergration with KDE is greater.



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Tuesday, February 11th 2003, 9:08pm

I use Jabber, its always been Psi for me, but I've also tried kopete and konverse.
Are there any other QT based Jabber clients that I should look at?


Wednesday, February 12th 2003, 8:00am

Re: IM's

Psi is not really feature-rich jabber client, but I like it for usability.
And again, an integration with proprietary IMs is good enough.
(ICQ gate is still unstable and crashes several times a week)


Thursday, February 13th 2003, 10:04am

Kopete & other ICQs on KDE

Have been trying numbers of ICQ clients for KDE, but recently installed Kopete, and wow :-) Finally something that just works, and looks okay too .. Currently using 0.5 but 0.6 looks to be even better!
So long and thanks for all the fish !


Monday, February 17th 2003, 1:23am


I have a ICQ, AIM, and a Yahoo account, I'm just waiting for the yahoo plugin before giving kopete a serious try, until then i keep using gaim. I do like the looks of kopete, but i don't want to run 2 separate IM clients when 1 can do everything.


Monday, February 17th 2003, 9:24am

MSN with amsn