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Sunday, October 12th 2003, 8:14pm

Enbedded Realplayer Problem

Some sites use a pop up "player" behind which is actually Realplayer. This works fine in Konqueror until, for some reason, the stream stops and I decide to close the pop up. This causes a complete system freeze and I then do a CAD which takes me back to the login.

I have two questions:

1. Is there a way that I can get out of a situation like this without doing a CAD? and

2. Is there some setting that needs to be made/changed that will stop the lockup?

Thanks in advance!


PS: Just wonder if this could be a video card problem as I'm using an S3 Virge with only 4MB of onboard memory.



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Sunday, October 12th 2003, 8:37pm

Hmm, not sure what causes the lockup, but perhaps you can avoid it by closing the Konqueror that started the popup.

Another idea is to start ksysguard (CTRL-ESC) and kill the realplayer process there (or something calles nspluginviewer it it runs as a plugin).

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Sunday, October 12th 2003, 8:57pm

Thanks for ksysguard (CTRL-ESC) - I'll try that in a similar situation. I've only had SuSE installed for a week so there's lots to learn (and unlearn) after years of Windows :)