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Sunday, September 21st 2003, 8:06am

Kopete does not connect to AIM

I instaled kopete the other day, and when i tried to connect to AIM, it woulnt connect, then it would give me that annoying 'u have tried to log in too mny times, wait 10 minutes and try again' message....MSN connects right way, tho....AIM is set to the righ port, ad as far as i cn tell, everything is set correctly.
If anyone can help it would e greatly appreicated....

btw, im runnign red hat 9 and kopete 0.7.1 an KDE 3.1.4



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Sunday, September 21st 2003, 10:32am

try installing kopete 0.72, or visiting the kopete forums. you can find a link at


Sunday, September 21st 2003, 7:06pm

KPopupMenu: title() called with invalid id 0.
KPopupMenu: title() called with non-title id 0.

i got i and that is the message that it gave me when i ran it, and it still didnt connect to AIM......